Levenshulme’s best takeaway as voted by you

The story so far is that we have the top three nominations which are:

  • Persian Tasty Grill – 879 Stockport Rd, Manchester M19 3PW
  • Abduls – 998 Stockport Rd, Manchester M19 3WN
  • JR – 1015 Stockport Rd, Manchester M19 2TB

And the Winner is … Persian Tasty Grill

When you’ve got customers coming in for their lunch, evening meal AND late night post-pub top-up, all in the same day, then it’s fair to say that you’ve got people who REALLY like your food.

That’s the case for Persian Tasty Grill’s owner, Ekram. He reckons the key to success is “A-class” ingredients. When he buys his food Ekram, originally from Turkey, says quality must come ahead of price. For that reason he doesn’t worry too much about the amount of competition Persian Tasty Grill faces along the A6. “As long as the food is good people will come back” is the way he sees it.

Despite the competition Ekram rates Levenshulme as a “good place, secure for business, a good market”. Ekram also credits his twenty years’ experience preparing Afghani, Indian, Pakistani and Turkish food for helping to make Persian Tasty Grill the preferred take-away for many a Levyite. Opt for Ekram’s recommendation, Grill Special with Qabily Pilow, as well as needing a doggy bag, you’ll be looking at lamb chops, kobeda (mince meat) and chicken tikka accompanied by rice, lamb shank, carrot and sultanas with chicken curry on the side! Persian Tasty Grill has permanent daytime special offers on more than a dozen dishes.

As for waste Persian Tasty Grill uses one of the biggest contractors, Viridor, for both its solid rubbish and the used oil. Ekram says that if he sees some rubbish outside the shop then he’ll go and pick it up, “I worry about myself, keep my own place clean”.