LevyBevy Cider Project



So here we are at the start of our very own community cider making initiative.

The idea is a simple one.  Apples that may often go to waste are collected from all over the community and made into cider.

We want as many people as possible to get get involved in all aspects of our venture.

You can :  

Tell us where the apples are…someones garden, on a street in an allotment etc.(Where necessary obtain permission to pick/collect them!)

Pick them, gather them up  -you may need  a ‘picking crew’   it’s a fun activity for all ages..
Get the apples to the team;  You can  deliver them to us or we can collect if help is needed.

If you are interested in brewing, have previous experience or would like to learn more and are prepared to roll your sleeves and get involved  – we would love to hear from you.


The Levybevy Cider brewsters

PS…nearly forgot..you also get the pleasure of drinking some of the cider that’s made :)

CONTACT JEAN 07791142106…Email levybevy@outlook.com